MAV re-create policy file on Client PC

Please see the steps below on how to re-create this policy file:

Please try these steps to generate the Policy.xml file:

1. Open Services.msc
2. Stop the Advanced Monitoring Agent service, then the Managed Antivirus service
3. Go to:
C:\Program Files (x86 for 64bit)\Advanced Monitoring Agent (GP for Group Policy)\managedav

4. Rename the Definitions folder to definitions_old
5. Go to:
C:\ProgramData\Managed Antivirus

6. Rename the Antimalware folder to antimalware_old
7. Restart both services listed above
8. Restart the device
9. When the device comes back online, please follow the below steps to manually update Managed Antivirus:

a. Download the latest definition release from the site: http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/Business/VIPRE-Enterprise/Definitions/ and save it to a easily identifiable location such as C:\temp

b. Open the command prompt Start > Run > CMD and navigate to the agent program files by typing CD followed by the file path. Typically, this is located at:

C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent\managedav\
C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\managedav\

c. Enter the following command: SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe /applydefs C:\temp\CSE39-EN-12846-F.sbr.sgn
Note: Replace C:\temp with the directory where the definition sbr.sgn was downloaded and replace CSE39-EN-12846-F.sbr.sgn with the name of the downloaded file

If this is successful, you will not get any indication from the instance. If there is an error, you should get a dialogue box. 

What is the error if presented?
What are your results?

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