CrashPlan restore files 'unavailable'

tldr; Unmount source of backup, 'ra, restart' CrashPlan, remount source, (re) attach archive

Restore from CrashPlan to a new computer

Install CrashPlan on the new computer.

Sign into CrashPlan.

There is an option to Adopt an old computer, but this has a high risk of files being accidentally deleted. In addition, this requires a full file verification which in some cases could prevent access to data for hours or days.

The advised method is to restore first, and then adopt. Adoption may still take time to complete, but files will be accessible before it is started.

The general restore guidelines can be found here with highlights and crucial notes below

Attach Backup Archive
Destinations | Folders | Select | Select numbered backup folder e.g., 948212309528060501

After the 'Archive successfully attached', if the files are 'unavailable' under the Restore tab
Unmount the backup source
Double click the green CrashPlan icon in the upper right to bring up the console
Type 'ra, restart'
Mount the backup source
Repeat Attack Backup Archive

Files should now be available under the Restore tab

Restore files
Restore files for this computer = Destination
From backup destination = Source
Check the files to restore
-A check will automatically grab the hidden files, whether they are shown or not
-A check will NOT automatically grab deleted files
--Files deleted on the local machine are held in the CrashPlan archive as deleted

Alter the final sentence for desired effect.
For best results, selection 'versions with current permissions'.
Additionally, be aware of 'original location' and 'overwrite' existing files.

Initiate Restore
Restore can run in the background after the client has been closed

The data has been transferred/restored to the new machine, but the CrashPlan account is still associated with and set up to be backing up the original OS/Machine

When there is sufficient time (if the backup covers a large number of files) perform an Adoption

Note the desired 18 digit archive number (e.g., 948212309528060501)
Double click the green CrashPlan icon in the upper right to being up the console
Type 'guid '
The current computer will take over the existing archive and subscription.
After entering the above command and pressing enter, you will be kicked out of the CrashPlan program (after about a minute or two).
Sign back in as an existing user with the same email and password.
When the program opens again, it will say " adoption complete".
Warning: There is no undo for this.

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