Stubbs Law: Install new PC, install software

Setup and Install new PC, migrate from old PC
Reinstall applications as necessary
-maureen to provide media and licenses
Test all software and functions w users

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  1. Mike Stern
    16 September, 2013

    Work with Maureen to fine tune install
    -set AOL signature

    Download latest version of InterBill v10
    -map DB to assistant-PC
    -work with Tech Support to map and manage database

    Setup local backup drive on Maureen's PC
    -installed Seagate Expansion USB HD
    -secured drive to PC w velcro
    -configured Windows Backup to backup local C:\ drive to USB HD

    Checked backups on Assistant PC
    -backups to Carbonite running ok, using local HD and cloud
    -secured drive to PC w velcro

    Troubleshoot QuickBooks install
    -program will not open
    -problem seems to be related to version of QB and Windows 7 ?
    -research issue on web, found several similar issues
    -downloaded latest Pro 2012 installer from web
    -download is very large, left running

    Discussed with Maureen
    -will discuss QB issue with Michele (bookkeeper)
    -will install QB from download overnight (after download completes)

    Mike Stern logged 3.50 hours (3 hours 30 minutes) as Support task type.

  2. Mike Stern
    13 September, 2013

    Joined Wifi
    -HFL Guest

    Unbox PC
    -note no DVI port
    -grabbed VGA cable from Office Depot ($20) during backup of old files

    Gather information about environment
    -workgroup computers
    1) Maureen PC
    -named: ms-server01
    -in a workgroup called "MS-Office"
    -Xerox Phaser 3250 printer

    2) Assistant PC
    -named Assistant-PC
    -in a workgroup called "WORKGROUP"
    -hosts network share called "SHARED DATA" mapped as S:\ to both PCs

    Downloaded Windows 7 Easy Transfer for XP
    -installed on MS-Server01 (Maureen's PC)
    -began Easy Transfer process
    -scanning HD to see what will fit on USB stick (32GB)
    -data set is 34.7GB
    -connect both new and old PC to Gigabit Ethernet Switch
    -gave each PC a static IP address, temporarily, to allow connection
    -began easy transfer over network
    -estimated to take 136 minutes

    Confirm password for maureen's user account on old PC

    Reviewed software to be installed
    -Office 2007 (D629W-W7RQ7-M3QBP-GH6CF-48P88)
    -Legal Solutions Plus (keycodes supplied)
    -InterBill (no SN present)
    -WordPerfect OFFICE x3 (WT13WEX-0001881-ULD)
    -QuickBooks pro 2012 (1710-1017-8449-019, product 685-565)
    -Norton 360 v6 (TYCV3-2Q6RD-2BTX4-8YR8H-PX7FD)
    -DissoMaster (keycode supplied)

    -transfer completed at 1:12 PM

    Review list of programs to be installed (in addition to SW supplied by client)
    -Chrome, Firefox, 
    -Vembu StoreGrid?

    Review file transfer log
    -rebooted computer to complete transfer

    Began installing software at 1:15 PM
    -shutdown and swapped locations of PCs
    -office 2007 from CD
    -activated office and reviewed updates 
    -download and install chrome
    -download and installed firefox 
    -installed wordperfect from CD
    -download AOL Desktop 9.7 for windows
    -download and install drivers for Phaser 3250 (usb)
    -download and install drivers for Brother MFC-9700 (assistant pc), printed test page Ok
    -verified HP printer works, printed test page Ok
    -installed Phaser 3250 drivers, printed test page Ok
    -installed QuickBooks 2012
    -installed DissoMaster 2010-1 Suite (with DM classic)
    --dissomaster comes up as expired
    -installed Legal Solutions Plus suite and forms
    -installed InterBill Electronic Time Sheet from CD (no license code)
    -installed Norton 360
    --had to install TrendMicro Titanium
    -installed updated LSI July 2013 version
    Called Thomson West re DissoMaster version
    -verified subscription is current
    -download and install DissoMaster 2013-1 version
    -program creates error on launch
    -called Thomson West tech support, spoke w Trent
    -opened remote session w Trent
    -he took over machine control
    -DM is now working properly


    Client Email Account Info
    Google: maureenstubbslaw@gmail.com
    -signed into chrome using this account

    AOL: stubbslaw@aol.com

    -UPS for Maureen's PC
    -backup solution for Maureen and Assistant-PC (server data here)

    Mike Stern logged 7.00 hours (7 hours) as Support task type.

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